Why do we say this?

Founder Paul Ferrise has experienced some very interesting lifestyles, careers and situations which allowed him to see many people in and out of their elements. Ferrise understood at a very young age that opportunities to achieve would only be available for those who took matters into their own hands. Expecting things to fall into your hands was a farse and sham.

Using one of the best creations in life, the mind was the only opportunity that was given to him. Coming from a troubled childhood, there was no one who could convince him that the opportunities ahead were to be met with fear and resistance. He saw too much of that.

Ferrise's vision was to try everything once and be good at the things that would advance not only his own knowledge and life, but to also benefit others. "....for the people" was a natural adaptation as most of Ferrise's life was, and is still today, dedicated to the happiness, entertainment and benefit of people.

In 1996, Paul Ferrise met his future wife while working in Italy. Janette is an integral part of the Ferrise companies and has contributed more support than one can imagine. Coming from a similar background, Paul new he had met his soul mate as both Janette and Paul follow the same paths to provide for the people. Janette actively participates in all angles of the business. For 10 years, Paul and Janette have worked side by side to accomplish their goals. All it takes is honesty and communication.



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