Welcome to Total Tech Productions LLC, a parent company for the people. Total Tech is solely owned by Paul and Janette Ferrise. Our company is used to promote all things for the people. Our sub companies, Rhythm Priest Productions, 400 Unique Ideas, Atchingtan, Atchingtan Studios and Unique Drive all provide services and crafts for entertainment, healing and enjoyment. Total Tech Productions LLC was founded on the concept that good in people still exist, and for those who understand what that means, know that the benefits are mutual. We benefit by our generosity and services knowing that we have reached out and provided quality and loyal service and friendship to those who need and require them. 

The Rhythm Priest was born to provide musical healing and entertainment and all the services that support that direction. As a  performer, producer, engineer, technical consultant, support and many more talents, The Rhythm Priest provides the services to support your rhythmic direction, recording needs and the technical support so that you are not alone in our rapidly changing world. Go to the Rhythm Priest website for more information. 


Atchingtan Studios - A full service audio services facility. CD production, voice overs, audiology and much more. This studio offers a peaceful and private facility to process any of your audio needs.  

Unique Drive - A musical project showing the talents of Paul Ferrise (aka The Rhythmpriest) and Michael Nebel. These two artists come together to produce a wide variety of music for your listening pleasure and audio supported project.

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